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  • Start : 2024/02/23
  • End : 2024/02/25

Duality with Unity, Opposition with Connection 

We invite you to join us for the first Italian event entirely dedicated to the art and culture of the American tribal Style®. Three days to celebrate with us the tribal spirit through workshops, shows and lectures with the most important and innovative artists on the international scene.


WS 2
 h 11.00 – 13.00 Different bodies same shapes w/ Calaneya Company – (online+in presence)   OPEN Level
€ 50,00

Dani and Elena are often asked how they manage to be so in sync with each other while having two completely different body types.
In this workshop, they will share their techniques and strategies on how to achieve this almost symbiotic connection in FCBD(R)Style improv.
Using a mixture of dance theater exercises to sharpen your vision for shapes and connecting elements in general as well as effective technique drills to improve the exactness of your FCBD(R) steps, Dani and Elena will help you get one step closer to the perfect harmony and connection with your dance partners.