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Educational background

"In my classes and workshops you can be completely yourself. Because you are beautiful just the way you are!"

Daniela Niemietz is a dance teacher, teacher trainer, special education teacher (MA) and educational director of the Calaneya Dance Academy Hanover.

Since the age of two, movement to music has been an integral part of her life. She has always been curious to get to know and explore other dance genres and movement arts besides classical ballet. Thus, she began with jazz, Irish and modern dance as a child in Hildesheim. She regularly exchanged ideas with dancers from other disciplines. Especially the contact to oriental dance and contemporary dance fusions impressed and fascinated her.

Later she devoted herself intensively to the Japanese art of movement Aikido and began to train daily. In this context, she was given the opportunity to assist as an instructor in the children's and youth training programme at the age of 16. She soon took over the management of the children's and youth training programme and repeatedly helped out as an instructor in adult training. It was during these years that she discovered her passion for education and psychology. Through tutoring and internships, she was able to gain further experience and realised that she particularly enjoyed supporting people on a very individual basis - especially when they were in need of individual support due to learning or social difficulties. After graduating from high school, she decided to study special education (B.A. / M.A.).

During her studies in special education (M.A.) she intensively dealt with the connections between psyche and movement, movement teaching, theater pedagogy and sports physiology and wrote a master's thesis on the topic "Trauma-sensitive design of contemporary dance education for adult women". She successfully completed her partial training in psychomotor skills in 2012 with a lesson and video supervision at the Carl von Ossietzky University in Oldenburg.

Daniela Niemietz has been working as a trainer in various areas of dance and movement education since 2006. Her many years of experience as a movement educator and her knowledge from her time at university and numerous further training courses form a solid basis for her weekly classes and workshops.
A dream came true for her in 2017 when she founded her own dance school, the Calaneya Dance Academy together with her partner Elena Sapega. As a school for artistic dance, there is finally a place in Hanover where, in addition to contemporary and classical ballet, contemporary world dance fusions also find a place and are taught with respect, appreciation and awareness of their artistic potential. A resource-oriented and esteeming teaching method, warmth and the well-being of the participants are at the heart of her work.

After waiting three years, she was able to fulfill another lifelong dream in 2022: By completing FatChanceBellyDance®Style General Skills and Teacher Training, she was able to gain deeper insight into what she considers the most beautiful dance in the world. Learning directly from Carolena Nericcio made a deep impression on her, both artistically and educationally. This important step in her career will forever remain in her heart as a guide in her development as a teacher and artist. Daniela is also a certified instructor for "The Siren Project Fan Dialect" by Katarzyna Lidia Weichert.


Photo: Michael Eichhorn - sehtüchtig.de


Photo: Michael Eichhorn - sehtüchtig.de

Daniela's classes follow a carefully prepared didactic and pedagogical concept, which is evaluated and optimised at regular intervals. The well-being of the participants is the top priority.

As a FatChanceBellyDance®Style Certified Studio and International Representative of The Siren Project Flamenco Fan Dialect, she is committed to offering her world dance classes at the highest quality and staying in touch with the international dance community.  

As a member of the German Professional Association for Dance Pedagogy (DBfT e.V.), she has also committed herself to regular further training in dance pedagogy, which she is happy to fulfil.

Her great passion for yoga and meditation enriches her teaching and creates a very special atmosphere in Daniela's courses and workshops. She now has such extensive knowledge and a wealth of experience that she regularly trains dance teachers.

In addition, she volunteers as a board member of "TaBeKu e.V. - Verein zur Förderung von interkulturellem Austausch durch Tanz, Bewegung und Kunst" (Association for the Promotion of Intercultural Exchange through Dance, Movement and Art) for the reduction of prejudices between members of different cultures as well as a sensitive approach to cultural assets such as traditional dance.

October 2012 to August 2016
University studies at the Leibniz University of Hanover in the subject: Special Education and Rehabilitation Sciences (M.A.) specialising in learning support and educational assistance Grade: Very good

April 2015 to May 2016
Preparation and realisation of a Master's thesis on the topic "Trauma-sensitive design of contemporary dance education for adult women"

February 2015
Support for the "Integrative school sports trips" project, Preparatory organisation and organisation on site, individual promotion and support of pupils with and without disabilities

April 2014 to September 2015
Additional university seminars in the fields of theatre pedagogy, sports physiology and sports anatomy

September 2013 to February 2014
Internship in a women's dance and Gestalt therapy group: Assisting the dance therapist and preparing and leading selected topics

October 2009 to December 2012
University studies at the Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg in the subjects: Special Education (B.A.) and Elementary Mathematics (B.A.); Grade: very good

March to April 2012
Seven-week internship in social group work at a youth welfare centre in the city of Oldenburg: Including management and supervision of various movement education programmes

October 2011 to September 2012
Psychomotor skills (with teaching practice and video supervision), theatre pedagogy and group dynamics
since October 2022
Certified „The Siren Project Flamenco Fan Dialect“ International Representative
Training with Katarzyna Lidia Weichert, Agata Zakrzewska and Eleen Kim in Warsaw, Poland

since July 2022
FatChanceBellydance®Style Certified Instructor General Skills and Teacher Training
with Carolena Nericcio, DeAnna Padrón Freeman and Kelley Beeston in Soest, Germany

since June 2019
Private dance lessons in Spanish dance

since December 2017
Full member of the DBfT e.V.
(German Professional Association for Dance Pedagogy)

since April 2011
Regular advanced training and private lessons in contemporary dance, jazz dance, dance theatre, ballet, floor barre, FatChanceBellydance®Style, fusion bellydance, children's dance, dance medicine, dance and theatre education

December 2017 to February 2020
Pole dance & dance acrobatics: private tuition (Pole Passion Hannover)

October 2014 to January 2020
Dance and stage training for the movement choir (extra ballet) at the Hanover State Opera

June 2012 to January 2020
Ballet, modern dance and contemporary dance at the upstairs ballet school, Norddeutsche Tanzwerkstatt (Gabriele Hägele, Philip Johnson, Loris Zambon and various guest teachers from the Hanover State Opera)

August 2019
Training in Waganowa Ballet Pedagogy with África Hernández

January to April 2019
NEA's New Generations training with Gabriele Keiner

September to November 2014
NEAs Fundamentals training with Gabriele Keiner

2010 to 2012
Middle Eastern dance and FatChanceBellydance®Style with teachers from the Oldenburger Turnerbund (OTB)

2006 to 2008
Standard dance at Tanzhaus Buresch, Hildesheim

2000 to 2007
Ballet, Irish Soft-Shoe, Jazz Dance and Modern Dance at the ballet school Tanz-Triangel, Hildesheim

1993 to 1999
Early dance education and ballet classes at the Lymer Dance Centre ballet school, Hildesheim
since November 2016
Freelance lecturer for teacher and trainer training courses

since September 2016
Owner and pedagogical director of the Calaneya Dance Academy (school for artistic dance in Hanover)

since April 2015
Lecturer for contemporary dance in university sports at Leibniz Universität Hannover

since January 2013
Germany-wide workshops for body and group experience, expressive training, Fusion Bellydance and FCBD®Style

September 2015 to January 2020
Dance teacher at the upstairs ballet school, Norddeutsche Tanzwerkstatt

September 2015 to January 2020
Germany-wide workshops for contemporary dance, ballet and movement education

June 2016 to July 2019
Teaching dance programmes for children on behalf of the city of Hanover

October 2016 to July 2018
Dance teacher for contemporary dance and children's dance at Turn-Klubb-Hannover e.V. Mainly director of all-day dance education programmes at the Otfried Preußler Primary School in Hanover

August 2017 to October 2017
Dance educator at the Hanover Music School

January 2013 to July 2016
Dance teacher at Tanzraum Hannover

August 2010 to January 2013
First teaching experience as a dance teacher and workshop instructor

2006 bis 2009
Director of the children's and youth training programme at the Hildesheim Aikido Verein e.V.

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