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You are looking for a dancer or choreographer for your next project or would like to turn your next party into an unforgettable experience?

Versatility, artistic openness and many years of stage and event experience form the basis of the professional collaboration with Daniela Niemietz.

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After a non-binding information and introductory meeting, you will receive a customised offer that is tailored precisely to your needs and possibilities.

The fee starts at €250 per event day.

Depending on the type of event and the general conditions, there may be additional expenses. There may be travel and accommodation costs as well as fees for additional rehearsal days or special costume wear.

Especially at private parties, several dancers will be booked. Each dancer receives the full fee.

Do you already have specific wishes or ideas? Then it will be all the easier to design a programme that suits you.

Dance style, costume, props and choice of music are central elements of the artistic process and are already discussed in the preliminary talk.

We are happy to discuss in person whether a performance to your desired music can be realised.

The choice of music largely determines which stylistic means are available for the design of the performance or show. Not every dance style suits every type of music.

A fee of €250 per rehearsal day is charged for the development of a new programme. How many days are needed for a new programme depends on the length and complexity of the programme and will be discussed individually.

No. All costs are communicated in advance in concrete terms. Should additional rehearsal days be required unexpectedly, you will not be charged for these.

Calaneya Company

Calaneya Company

Semi-professional dance company

Sometimes you need a whole group. Be it as a walk act, to organise a whole evening or because you like variety.

Daniela Niemietz enjoys involving performance groups and advanced students of the Calaneya Dance Academy.

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Learn to dance and teach with heart.

As a trained special needs educator (M.A.), FCBD® Certified Studio, The Siren Project International Representative, authorised dance teacher (DBfT e.V.) and freelance artist, Daniela Niemietz offers advanced training and activity days for young and old, amateurs and professionals.

Workshops for dancers, further training for dance instructors, teachers and educators, lectures on selected topics, themed weeks or mornings at schools and kindergartens or internal team training.

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Public workshops for amateurs and semi-professional dancers:
70 % of the income, at least € 100,- / 60 min

Further training for dance teachers and professional dancers
70 % of the income, at least 200,- € / 60 min

Projects at schools and kindergartens
Depending on the amount of preparation, group size and project hours, the costs can vary greatly. I would be happy to provide you with a customised quote..

You don't always have experts on site who can carry out the desired project. I am happy to come directly to you with my workshop. The travel and accomodation costs are covered 100% by the organiser. The minimum scope of a workshop depends on the travelling time:

0-1h travelling time:
no limitations

1-3h travelling time:
At least 2 hours of workshops per day

more than 3 hours travelling time:
At least 4 hours of workshops per day

Viele Angebote lassen sich auch als online oder Hybrid-Veranstaltung, also einer Mischung als Teilnehmenden vor Ort und Teilnehmenden online durchführen.

Vorträge, Tanzworkshops und Teaminterne Weiterbildungen lassen sich in der Regel als Online Angebote konzipieren. Das ist besonders flexibel und spart Fahrt- und Übernachtungskosten.

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Private Class & Coaching

Private classes are just right for you if you want to develop your skills, have specific questions or if there isn't the right class format for you.

You may have just started dancing or already have a lot of experience. A private lesson is tailored exactly to you or your group and is designed to meet your needs.

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1 student
80,-€ / 60 min

2 students
60,-€ per person / 60 min

3 students
50,-€ per person / 60 min

4 students
40,-€ per person / 60 min

more than 5 students
30,-€ per person / 60 min

Online via Zoom, live at the Calaneya Dance Academy Hannover or at a location that you organise and suggest. Room hire & arrival
If rooms need to be rented, you will cover the costs and organisation. You will also cover any travel costs incurred.

Before the coaching session, we will discuss which topics you would like to work on and what your goals are. We can also discuss in advance how the session should run and whether I should prepare something specific for you.

In the lesson itself, for example, you can finally get rid of all your questions. Or you can get feedback on your dance technique or your teaching skills. Or maybe you just want to have a regular dance lesson but don't have time during the regular class times.

Together we will design your session so that it does you good and takes you exactly where you want to go.

Coaching is personalised to your needs and cannot be repeated in this form.

For example, when it comes to learning a choreography, I will only develop this choreography for you or your group and not teach it to anyone else or perform it myself without consultation.

A workshop, on the other hand, is designed in such a way that I can also teach the content in a similar form at other locations. Choreographies that you learn in a workshop are also learnt by other dancers, for example. A workshop is also open to the public.

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